“HAND RAISED:HISTORIC BARNS OF MONTANA”  is the title of a book co-authored by Chere Juisto and Christine Brown of the Montana Preservation Alliance in Helena, Montana. I was hired to do the photography for this book which is scheduled for publication in the Fall of 2011.

   The book is an overview of the history of ranching and farming in the state, with the focus being on the barns at these particular farms and ranches. The research and writing are focused on telling the history of  agriculture in Montana through the story of these buildings, the stories of the people who built and used them, and the cultures and backgrounds that determined the style of architecture and the types of operations they developed and worked.

   It has been a very rewarding project and I thank the owners of these properties for the access to their homes which made the project possible. Please do not contact me regarding the location of the barns, as we have a confidentiality agreement with the owners, and all I can say is that they are in Montana.

   Below is a sampling of the photography to be included in the book, which can be purchased through the Montana Historical Society’s Bookstore.